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Autumn Term 2015

We started our topic by looking at our own homes. We emailed photographs to our class email and got to look at them on the IWB.  We discussed how our houses can be the same, but also what makes them different. We have used words like ‘detached’, terraced, bungalow etc. We have drawn our homes and thought about the different materials that have been used to build them



Our main text has been ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We can recite the story from memory and use actions to help perform it.  Our main focus this half term, has been finding out about sentences and what makes a sentence. We now know that a noun is a naming word and we can identify the nouns within a sentence. We have also looked at full stops and capital letters and how they are used in sentences. Recently, we have been learning about describing words – adjectives! An adjective describes a noun. We have tried to choose our own adjectives to describe the Wolf in the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. 



We have been counting on/back in ones to 30, twos to 30 and tens to 100. This has helped us to order numbers and fill in the missing numbers. We have been adding and recording this as a number sentence. (Making sure that we use the signs + =) We have also learnt about 2D shapes and have made shape houses.