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Autumn Term 2015

Our topic is 'The Seaside' and we have been comparing environments and habitats by visiting Cleethorpes. We have explored aspects of a seaside resort and sorted things we found on the beach.  We have been learning about Grace Darling and finding out why she was famous.  We have used the seaside as a stimulus for art; developing our skills through observational work and creating collages of the sea.  


Class 1 have been shipwrecked this week!


We decided what to pack, then set sail.  A storm came and our ship sank…and we were shipwrecked….leaving us stranded at sea.  


We reached a desert island and have:

  • Drawn maps and created a key
  • Plotted the geographical features of our island and used grid references to describe their position.
  • Given directions for travelling form one place to another
  • Followed instructions using forwards, backwards, left and right
  • Used  NSEW and turn ¼ 1 ½ ¾ and full turns
Our 'Beach Cafe' has been a very popular place to spend time.  We hope the photographs help to capture some of the fun we have been having while learning and playing together.