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Our learning this term

Autumn Term 2018


Where in the world is Paddington Bear?

Project Launch - Farewell Tea Party for Paddington Bear


Mini Outcome 1 - Landmark/Megastructure facts (English focus)


Mini Outcome 2 - Landmarks/Megastructures drawings (Art Focus)


Mini Outcome 3 - Invitations to Art Gallery


Celebration of Learning - Around the World Art Gallery

Our Project Launch


As part of our Launch Day for our topic ‘Where in  the World is Paddington Bear?’ the children dressed up as someone from a different country. Don’t they look fabulous! 


We made healthy sandwiches and wrote a farewell card to Paddington. We said our goodbyes with a tea party and waved goodbye to Paddington as he set off in a taxi to go on his travels. We are hoping that he will send us a postcard soon!

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The Humber Bridge


We have been finding out about the Humber Bridge.  The children have been making models using different construction materials.  Please ask your child which facts they remember about the Humber Bridge.

As part of our project 'Where in the World is Paddington Bear?' we have set up a Travel Agents in our Shared Area.  The children have been busy role playing being either a travel agent or a customer booking a holiday.