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Summer Term 2018

What will we find in a Jurassic Forest?


Class 3 have had a fantastic launch to their new project this term. Our essential question is 'What will we find in the Jurassic Forest?' The children have had the opportunity to make a collaborative class 3D model of a dinosaur and make their own dinosaur, using a paper plate. They have made their own fossils using clay and baked biscuits over at the Junior School with the help of their Headteacher, Mr Rice. We have also had a trip to Scartho Community Library, where we chose a selection of fiction and non-fiction books about dinosaurs. A great start to our new project!

Spring Term 2018

Does X always mark the spot?

Focus 1: Project Launch - Treasure Hunt and Pirate Workshop

Focus 2: Treasure Map

Focus 2: Treasure Map 1
Focus 2: Treasure Map 2
Focus 2: Treasure Map 3
Focus 2: Treasure Map 4

World Book Day

World Book Day  1
World Book Day  2
World Book Day  3
World Book Day  4
World Book Day  5
World Book Day  6
World Book Day  7
World Book Day  8

Our Celebration of Learning: Selling our jewellery

Autumn Term 2017

Do good stories always need a baddie?

Project Launch

Project Launch 1
Project Launch 2
Project Launch 3
Project Launch 4

Our Masked Banquet

Our Celebration of Learning

Project Timeline

Do good stories always need a baddie?


Focus 1

Welcome children back to school


Focus 2

Project Launch


Focus 3

Performance of 'The Three Little Pigs'


Focus 4

Masked Banquet for Baddies


Focus 5

Writing a book - alternative character/setting


Focus 6

Celebration of Learning