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Our learning this term

Spring Term 2018

Who is in charge?

Focus 1: Project Launch

Visit to Town Hall


Focus 2:

Design Coats of Arms


Focus 3:

Billy the Brave Knight story


Focus 4:

Bayeux Tapestry


Focus 5:

Celebration of Learning

Autumn Term 2017

What makes a house a home?

Holiday books

Holiday books 1
Holiday books 2
Holiday books 3
Holiday books 4

Project launch: Den building

Our Shoebox Appeal

Our Shoebox Appeal 1
Our Shoebox Appeal 2
Our Shoebox Appeal 3
Our Shoebox Appeal 4

Project Timeline

What makes a house a home?


Focus 1

Look at 'Holiday Books'


Focus 2

Project Launch - Den Building Day


Focus 3

Woodside - Animal habitat booklet


Focus 4

School Box Appeal letter


Focus 5

Design an Ideal Home


Focus 6

Celebration of Learning