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Spring Term 2016


This term the children’s learning is based around toys.  After the excitement of Christmas and lots of new toys, the children have the opportunity to talk about their favourite toys, play with old toys as well as investigate the materials used to make different toys.   The children have brought in their favourite toy from home and wrote about how it works and what is it made from.  

Chinese New Year


The children have been finding out about the Chinese New Year.  They have used chopsticks to pick up 'noodles', they have painted Chinese numbers, they have counted money into lucky red envelopes as well as lots more.  They enjoyed making their own Dragon and created their own Chinese dragon dance in PE.

We like to choose Mark Making and have enjoyed spelling simple words, if we can't remember what a sound looks like, we use a letter line - it has been really good fun.  We also like completing Word Searches - we can either find the tricky words with friends on the Interactive Whiteboard or we can work on a Word Search by ourselves at a table.  
We have been reading 'Kipper's Toy Box' and finding out about Kipper's favourite toys.  He loses Sock Thing because the mice have been nibbling holes in his toy box.  The children have been busy making their own Sock Things.
The children really enjoyed bringing in their own toys from home.  They showed their friends how they work and also wrote simple sentences about their favourite toy.