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Summer Term 2016

We have been scientists!  Have you ever wondered if the person with the biggest hand span can hold the most objects? Can the person with the longest legs skip the best? Or can the person with the biggest feet jump the furthest?  We made predictions, we asked questions and measured to record data to help us find out.  As the photos show, we had great fun working together to answer our questions.
The children have been exploring 'abstract art' and the work of Pablo Picasso.  They really enjoyed putting their faces back together again!
As part of the topic 'Ourselves', the children have been looking at how they can keep well and healthy.  They have written instructions on how we should brush our teeth.  They really enjoyed testing out their instructions!
In Mathematics the children have worked together practising problem solving and reasoning. Activities were displayed around the classroom for them to solve and they needed to be able to explain their answers.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
In Literacy the children have been writing instructions for games we play at playtime.  They enjoyed testing their instructions to see if they were correct!

In Art and Design, the children have enjoyed studying their own faces to create their self-portraits.