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What have we been learning? (2016-2017)

Our Summer Term 2017


What makes an animal a pet?


Have you ever thought about why some animals are pets and some are not? This term we will be animal explorers and try to answer this question. At the beginning of the term, we will meet lots of different pets when they visit school. We will find out how we should care for a pet and what they need. Does a dog need the same care as a tortoise? We are going to have fun finding out!


We will meet different farm animals when we visit a local farm and consider their needs too. After which we will take a walk on the wild side and look at animals from different parts of the world that we would not have as pets or see on a farm.

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Our Spring Term 2017


This term the children’s learning is based around toys.  After the excitement of Christmas and lots of new toys, the children have the opportunity to talk about their favourite toys, play with old toys as well as investigate the materials used to make different toys.  


Class 5 are enjoying the new term exploring our new topic on toys. It is interesting to see how some of the toys work and what materials they are made from, where as other toys are just our favourite things to play with.

Our Autumn Term 2016


We have started the autumn term and welcomed our new children into school.  We have already had an exciting few days at school and been very busy.