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Activities to help your child with Numbers

  • Sing counting songs rhymes which help to develop your child’s understanding of number, such as ‘Two Little Dickie Birds’.
  • Use number language, e.g. ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’, ‘lots’, ‘how many?’ and ‘count’ in a variety of situations. 
  • Count things that are not objects, such as hops, jumps, clicks or claps. 
  • As you read number stories or rhymes, e.g. ‘When one more frog jumps in how many will there be in the pool altogether?’
  • Provide reasons to count, e.g. during setting the table, counting out snacks.
  • Encouraging estimations, e.g. estimate how many sandwiches to make for the picnic.
  • Encouraging use of mathematical language, e.g. number names to ten: ‘Have you got enough to give me three?’
  • Collect interesting things and sort, order and count them. 
  • Point out the use of numerals in everyday life, television remotes, telephones, bus and house numbers, car registration plates.
  • Make books about numbers that have meaning for your child such as favourite numbers, birth dates or telephone numbers.
  • Share interesting books about number.
  • Play games such as hide and seek that involve counting.