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Class Dojo


What is Class Dojo?


Class Dojo is an online behaviour management App which fosters positive pupil behaviours and classroom culture. Pupils earn 'Dojo Points' based on the class targets for that day. These targets can be general such as ‘good listening’ or ‘super self-correcting’ or focused on specific skills for the lesson such as ‘using an adjective’ or ‘ using the correct historical vocabulary when talking about your learning’. Each child has an assigned Dojo 'alien' who collects their Dojo points for them and keeps their total safe!  Your child can earn points which equate to rewards throughout the day from any member of staff so they can be caught being positive anywhere and everywhere!


What else can Class Dojo do?


ClassDojo is also a school communication platform that provides a link between home and school where teachers, pupils, and parents/carers can use to share what's being learned in the classroom and at home through photos, videos, and messages.

All messages sent by parents on ClassDojo messaging can only be viewed by the teacher the message is sent to. No other teacher or parent (even your child's other parent or guardians) can view your messages. Each message thread is completely private between you and one teacher.