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Earth, Seasons and Time


This collection is all about Earth, seasons and time. The movement of the earth around the sun gives us our seasons.   Look for signs of the changing seasons from spring into summer.

Fossils and Evolution


This collection is all about fossils and evolution. Our living world gives us clues about the past but it is dynamic, adapting to change.   Look at the first picture in the Zoom In Zoom Out activity, Rugged Ridges, for clues and wonder what it might be.



This collection is all about light. We see things because light is reflected from them. Shadows form because light cannot pass through something.  In this collection you will be investigating shadows.



This collection is all about sound. Sounds are made when something vibrates. We hear sounds because the vibrations travel to our ears.  Take a look at the 'zoom in, zoom out' activity Hidden Depths and see if the clues help you identify what it is.



This collection is all about forces. To make something move you need a force. Watch the video 'Born to dance' and explore movement.

Materials and the Properties


Take a close-up look: It’s easy to take some of the things we use for granted but this activity helps you look really closely and wonder what it might be. Look at the 'Zoom In Zoom Out' activities.

The Human Body


This collection is about how all living things have basic needs for life.  Food provides us with energy to live.  Take a look at the video 'Busy bee' which shows how bees collect nectar.


This collection of activities about Plants is great to do at home.  They will help your child learn that most plants need water, soil and sunlight to grow.  Watch the video 'Shooting sprouts' to watch seeds germinating. 



This collection of activities about habitats is ideal to do at home. First watch the video ‘In the swim’ to look at lots of different marine life then watch another video which looks at how habitats change over time.