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E-safety encompasses all Internet and electronic communications technology.  It highlights the need to educate children about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using information technology e.g. PC, laptop, iPhone, iPod, Internet TV. It provides safeguards and raises awareness to enable users to control their online experiences.


The use of information and communication technologies (ICT), including the Internet, has developed rapidly over the past 25 years.  Such powerful technologies have their dangers and society is still struggling to react adequately to the many issues raised.  Children are now way ahead of us with using the Internet, electronic games, instant messaging, text and mobile use.  However, many children lack an appreciation of online dangers and the consequences of their actions.  Parents and carers need to decide on the right balance between controlling access, setting rules and educating their children for responsible use.


Today most internet providers offer filtering systems that help to safeguard you and your child at home.  When searching on the internet there are some search engines that have special child friendly options, Google for kids and Yahoo kids are good examples. 



Our E-Safety Policy

Please click below to read our e-safety information booklet

Install Hector Protector so when searching on-line your child will always have a friend with them.


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