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Useful information ahead of returning to school on Monday 8th March 2021

Monday is a big day for us all as many of our children return to school after the present Lockdown restrictions. There will be a mixture of emotions for everyone involved, parents, staff at school and the children who are returning.


For some children, returning to school may be a big thing and it’s important to give your child the message you understand that. Talk to them in a way that is sensitive to their needs – you will know your child best. Don’t intrude or impose yourself on them, but gently open the conversation and let them know you’re there for them if they want to talk.


The poster below is a lovely way to maybe talk with your child about coming back to school, whether you print it off and fill it in or simply talk about the points and questions outlined on it. 


At school we have been busy preparing for the children’s return and are so looking forward to seeing everyone again! Thank you for all you have done in supporting both your child with their learning at home and us as a school.


Mrs J Perry 

PSHE co-ordinator