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Literacy at home


  • Read regularly and make sure that your child’s reading book comes to school each day

  • Practise any words or sounds that are sent home

  • Change library books regularly and share with your child

  • Visit the local library and read a range of books

  • Play phonic games to help support your child’s phonic development 

  • Encourage segmenting & blending sounds

  • Read and sort real & pseudo words using the sounds that they know



  • Remind your child to hold their pencil correctly (tripod grip)

  • Practise writing their full name with joined handwriting

  • Say the names of the letters of the alphabet in order

  • Encourage your child to use the sounds that they know to spell words

  • Spell common tricky words

  • Encourage your child to write simple sentences and leave spaces between words

  • Show how to use capital letters and full stops in sentences

  • Look at capital letters for ‘I’ and names of people & places