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Our learning 2016-2017

Our Summer Term 2017



In the Summer Term, Year 2‘s topic is ‘Ourselves’ and we have had a busy term ahead.   We have been looking at how we grow and change; in the way we look, the things we can do… and our hobbies. We have been exploring the 5 senses and investigating which we think is the most important.


We have also been reflecting on our time in the Infants’ School and looking forward to the new challenges ahead. The Summer Term will end with our Leavers’ Concert!

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Our Spring Term 2017

Dragons and Dungeons


In the Spring Term, the topic in Year 2 will have a history focus. We will explore castles; where they are built and how they have changed through time …and find out about the people who lived and worked there.


We will study William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings and look at sources of historical information….we might even meet a few knights and dragons along the way… including Billy the Brave Knight!

Our Autumn Term 2016