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Our learning 2017-18

Summer Term 2018

What makes an animal a pet?


The children had a fantastic project launch at the farm.  They were busy all day.  They went on a Woodland Walk and answered riddles to find different animals. Next they looked at llamas, donkeys, sheep and chickens.  Then they went on a tractor ride and fed potatoes to very hungry cows.  Just before lunch the children bottle-fed lambs and they even took a goat for a walk! 

The children have been busy watching these caterpillars turn into butterflies.

The children have started to make pet toys for our sale.

Spring Term 2018

999, What is your emergency?

Focus 1: Our Project Launch - What happened to Humpty Dumpty? Who can help us?

Focus 2: Retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Focus 3: Making Emergency Vehicles

Our Celebration of Learning: Police judging our Emergency vehicles

Autumn Term 2017

Can you do what I can do?

Focus 1: Settling into School

Focus 2: Launch Day - Dress up

Focus 3: 'I can' chains

Focus 4: Creating our 'Me' tree

Focus 5: Our Wishing Stars

Focus 6: Our celebration of learning: My 'I can' book

Project Timeline

Can you do what I can do?


Focus 1

Settle children into school


Focus 2

Project Launch - Dress up Day

Photo booth


Focus 3

'I can' chains


Focus 4

'Me' trees


Focus 5

Wishing stars


Focus 6

Celebration of Learning - Photo books