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Our learning

Spring 2021

Science Binary Trees.  We used Binary Trees to sort and categorise animals into their animal groups.

This term we have been lucky enough to have help uplevelling our writing!  First we had a story workshop online with the amazing Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  Then Mr Williams came into school to help us use Chatta grids!

History - We enjoyed looking at books which belonged to our parents or grandparents.

Creating our monsters! For our project we have worked towards creating a free verse poem which we based on a monster from our imaginations!  Here are our drawings and paper bag puppets of our monsters.

Celebration of Learning - Are we Sailing?


The Great Scartho Boat Race!


After making our boats we checked that they would float with a Viking crew inside (play people!) and we raced them against each other to see which was the fastest!

Boat challenges! Can we make a boat strong enough to hold a plastic brick? Yes we can! The winning design held a massive 26 bricks plus a plastic Pooh Bear, a Tigger and a honey pot! Well done Shipmates!

Boat making! We used the knowledge we learned from our floating and sinking experiments to think about which materials would be the best for making a boat that will float! We then tested our boats out......

Project Launch Friday 8th January 2021. We have been on material hunts around our classroom, found, sorted and talked about different materials, predicted if they would float or not then tested our predictions.  Wow!  A busy day with lots of learning (and a few splashes!)

Autumn Term 2020

What a super Christmas week we have had in Class 4!  Full of Christmas crafts, Mr Shiney, parties and fun!

Celebration of Learning. Can you spot the difference?


What a super project this has been! We have:

  • Made, eaten and written instructions for marmalade sandwiches and Paddington Hat Cakes,
  • Learned all about the UK and created our own maps as Paddington went on his travels,
  • Drew and painted Paddington in different ways,
  • Listened to and talked about lots of Paddington Bear stories,
  • Wrote and told our own version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Here we are sharing our great work and telling the story orally.  You can listen to our retelling by following the link below!

Class 4 laid their poppies for Remembrance Day

Today was our project launch! We made delicious marmalade sandwiches (just like Paddington!) and ate them as part of an afternoon tea celebration. We created some art work and wrote instructions. We’re now looking forward to ‘looking after this bear’ until Christmas!