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Our learning

Autumn Term 2021

Starting School.

The children in RJH have really enjoyed exploring the different activities in their new setting. They have all settled in really well and they are making lots of new friends. 

Summer Term 2021

We found out lots of information about minibeasts.  Read our minibeast fact files to find out about each creature!

Class 5 are really proud of their minibeast toys!  We designed our toys and then glued, sewed, stapled and sellotaped to join the materials to make them.



Can you spot some of the toys that are in our designs?

Our Celebration of Learning: The Mini Beast Garden

Still image for this video

The children have been trying out joining techniques in preparation for making their own mini beast toy. 


Butterflies - One of our mini outcomes has been drawing butterflies.  We used a watercolour painting by Lucy Arnold as a WAGOLL for drawing our own butterflies.  Look at the results!

More minibeast activities - Class 5 enjoy ‘creative bug’ activities.

Bug watching - The children have really enjoyed photographing and observing the different minibeasts.

How did it all begin? The children are enjoying exploring all of the activities based around our Summer term project.


Project Launch - How did it all begin? - Caterpillar Day.


The children were very excited on the day the baby caterpillars arrived.  They made their own wiggly caterpillars, read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and sang 'There's a tiny caterpillar on a leaf'.

Spring Term 2021

The children have enjoyed the Easter activities in the Reception unit this week.  Happy Easter everyone!




The children have made a giant mask and then dressed up as the giant. 

The Giant!

Still image for this video

The children in Class 5 have embraced the activities for Childrens Mental Health Week.

Class 5 have been ‘Scientists’. They have been investigating what happens to water when frozen and 'Can we build a strong wall with ice cubes'? 


The children have enjoyed designing their wolf masks! Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?


The children have explored the building of brick walls.  A strong brick wall is determined by the design.  Do you think the big bad wolf will be able to blow these walls down?

What a great start to our project 'Who lives in a house like this?' The children worked together to build dens. Some children built dens as part of their Home Learning too!

Autumn Term 2020

Class 5 having Christmas fun!

Celebration of Learning - How have I changed? 

The children took home their baubles to hang on the Christmas tree.  What a lovely legacy they have created!  They have all changed in just a short time at school and the bauble will be a reminder of their first term at school for years to come.

Mini outcome - How have I changed? 

Since joining Class 5 just look how much the children have grown.  The green ribbon represents the height of the children when they were measured in September and the red ribbon is their height in December.

Mini outcome - 'Self Portrait'.

The children have been drawing self portraits using a rubric for learning. Look at the amazing detail added to each final outcome.

The children created their family trees using their own hand prints - one print for every member.  Look how each tree varies, just like our families! It was very interesting to talk about our families with our friends and to compare family differences.

Mini Outcome 'Name writing'. The children have worked hard with name writing since starting school in September.  Look at some of their fabulous achievements!

Anti-bullying week - Sharing and friends was a focus for children in Class 5 and 6 in Anti-bullying week. They enjoyed singing along to Andy and the Odd Socks, they made friendship bracelets and painted each other friendship pictures.

Children in Need Day 2020

Lest we forget. Class 5 prepared for Remembrance Day and laid their poppy stones.

Project Launch -   How have I changed?  We launched our project by guessing who the baby was.  It was fun guessing and promoted lots of questions and discussion about how we arrived at our answers.  The children were very good at keeping their photo a secret and not giving any clues away.  The children were also measured - will their height change over the term?

Class 5 are enjoying exploring all of the areas in the Reception unit. They have all settled in and they are making new friends and getting used to new routines. Well done Class 5!