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Our learning

Spring Term 2022

🌸 Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 🌸 

Children's mental health week took place this term and we used this time to learn the importance of understanding how others feel and how we feel about ourselves. We looked at ways at how we can support our friends and how we can ask for help if we need it too. 🌻 To show awareness and undies of such an important cause, we dressed up in all the things that make us feel happy!

🐻‍❄️🌧 The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud 🌧 🐻‍❄️


This term we have been looking at all things Winter and have been exploring the Arctic and the different polar animals we may find! We have read and looked closely at the story “The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud” and used our reading to help us create a visual story map of the book. We had great fun doing this and worked together wonderfully with our friends! 

Our Winter Walk

RJP took part in a Winter hunt outside in our playground. We looked for items we may find in winter and ticked them on our tick sheet as we explored 🔍

Autumn 2021


Christmas Jumper Day!

December Fun!

Children in Need 2021

The children arrived in school looking very different this morning! Some were wearing their pyjamas and others were all spotty! We started off the morning exercising with Joe Wicks and then completed lots of Pudsey activities.  

Anti-Bullying Week: One kind word

The children have started off the week with wearing odd socks and learning the Andy and the Odd socks song “One Kind word”.  They have worked together to make a Kindness heart and we have written different ways we can be kind onto the hearts. 

Remembrance Day

The children painted poppies for Remembrance Day.  They also made poppies using red card and lolly sticks.  We displayed the poppies in the classroom and looked at them during our minute silence. We also listened to the Last Post.  

Road Safety Week

The children have been learning how to stay safe on the roads. 

Our Maths Work


The children have been learning how to add two amounts together and then writing the addition sentence to match the calculation. 

Our Handwriting

The children have been working hard to form the letters we have been learning accurately. 


Starting School


The children have settled quickly into Class RJP.  They have been busy making new friends and exploring the different areas of the classroom.

Summer 2021


How did it all begin?

Our Celebration of Learning: The Mini Beast Garden

Still image for this video

We have started to make our soft toy mini beasts. Did we choose the correct joining method? 

For our celebration of learning, the children will be making a soft toy mini beast. In preparation for this, they explored different ways to join materials together. 

The children enjoyed making their own caterpillars on a leaf. 

The children have used the pic collage app to make a symmetrical pattern on a photograph of a butterfly. 

We are photographers! The children loved taking photographs of snails, ladybirds, slugs and wood lice. They had to hunt for the creatures and then hold the iPads very still to ensure their photos were not blurry! 

Our Project Launch - The Arrival of the caterpillars


The children enjoyed meeting the caterpillars that we will be observing this term and they used the books in the investigation area to find out about the lifecycle of a butterfly.  They have enjoyed making their own split pin caterpillars and painting caterpillars too.  It has been great fun in the new 'Nature Reserve' where the children have been dressing up as explorers and looking for different bugs!

Spring 2021

The children have enjoyed the Easter activities in school this week. 

We have made giant masks then dressed up as the giant. 

The Giant

Still image for this video

The children enjoyed making their own handprint pigs. 

As part of Children's Mental Health week, our children have been doing lots of different Express Yourself activities.  They enjoyed doing the Squiggle game and created pandas, teddy bears and snakes from their squiggles.  They drew how they were feeling and they also enjoyed making an origami dog.  It took a lot of concentration but they didn't give up and they had great fun too!

The children used different resources to make their own wolf mask! I wonder if they would be able to blow down the little pigs’ houses. 

The children have explored the building of brick walls.  A strong brick wall is determined by the design. Do you think the big bad wolf will be able to blow these walls down?

What a great start to our project 'Who lives in a house like this?' The children worked together to build dens. Some children built dens as part of their Home Learning too!

Autumn Term 2020


For our celebration of learning, the children have taken home a bauble to show how they have changed since starting school.  The baubles contained ribbons to show how much they have grown since September, a photograph from their first day at school and a scroll showing how well they can now write their names. 

We wanted to see if the children have grown since they started school.  They have all changed since September, some have grown by 1 cm and there are some children who have grown by 3 cm! 

The children have made family trees using their handprints. The children talked about who was in their family and then added their names.

Class 6 have followed a rubric to help them draw a self-portrait.  The results have been amazing. Each draft shows great progress, well done. 

In Maths we have been matching and sorting objects.  The children had to decide which object was the Odd One Out and they had to explain WHY it was the Odd One Out.  

Our Launch


We have started our first project ‘How have I changed?’  For our launch we asked the children to bring in baby photos and we had to guess who the baby was. It was great fun and the children were brilliant at asking questions. We were like historians trying to find out  about the past.  

We also measured to see how tall the children are. 

Settling into Class 6


The children have settled into school well and are busy making new friends.  They are becoming familiar with the routines and exploring the different areas of the reception unit.