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Our learning 2019-20

Welcome to the Spring Term 2020

Yo ho ho! Is a pirate's life for me?


Project Launch: Pirate film night

Mini Outcome: Science - Food wrap

Mini Outcome: Make sweets

Mini Outcome: Instruction writing

Celebration of Learning: Visit the Seafarers on the Docks

World Book Day March 2020 - In Class 4 we love reading! On World Book Day we were dressed comfy cosy in our pyjamas and shared our favourite book with a lovely cup of hot chocolate! What is your favourite book?

Safer Internet Day 2020 - We celebrated Safer Internet Day in February. We had lots of fun finding out why we should keep our personal information safe and private. Why not ask us how!

This term our REAL project has Class 4 wondering if it is better to give or to receive? Spring Term 1 saw us dressing up as pirates, learning to speak like pirates and finding out about some of the pirates from long ago. Now as we come close to the end of the half term we are starting to think about maybe it is better to give after all. We have been designing some chocolates to give to two special groups of people, and here we are taking some that we have made to the staff of Scartho Junior Academy to taste and evaluate for us! Watch this space to see what we do next!

Reading partners.In English we have been exploring pirate stories and here we are freeze framing some of the important scenes from one of our favourites; The Night Pirates! In Guided Reading we enjoy sharing a book with our Reading Partner and asking each other those important reading questions like; Who are the main characters? Where is the story set? What is the problem in the story and how is it solved? Why not ask some of those questions when you read at home?

Maths. In maths we often work practically in Class 4. Here we are using a variety of resources to help us with our understanding of the maths unit addition and subtraction.

Making Music. In music this term we have linked our learning with Design Technology as we designed and made shakers to help us explore pitch through seascapes. We used a variety of resources inside our shakers to help us to achieve the sounds that we wanted to create and then we decorated them. They look and sound amazing! Do you like them?

Welcome to the Autumn Term 2019

Which families do we belong to?


Project Launch: Prepare for Grandparents Day

Mini Outcome: Grandparents Breakfast

Mini Outcome: Art - Tree

Mini Outcome: Writing - Poem

Celebration of Learning: Poetry Performance and Reading

Our Grandparents Breakfast