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Welcome back!

Welcome back! Here are some photographs of how the school looks now - with two friends showing you around.

Welcome back!

We follow the one way system.

Nursery's bubble entrance.

The playground is now split for EYFS 'bubbles' for playtime and lunchtime.

Yellow lines keep us safely 2 metres apart when with our grown ups.

Classrooms 5 and 6 bubbles line up on the grass.

We follow the one way system.

The back gate is still open.

Signs and staff will help you find your way.

Line up here for the Classrooms 3 and 4 bubbles.

Line up here for Classrooms 1 and 2 bubbles. The field will also be split and used by KS1 bubbles for playtime and lunchtime.

Year 2 keyworker bubble will be using this door.

Classrooms 5 and 6 toilets.

We sit with our smiley face.

Classroom 6 bubble.

Classroom 4 bubble.

Classroom 5 bubble.

Classroom 3 bubble.

Classroom 2 bubble.

Classroom 1 bubble

Nursery bubble.

Year 2 keyworker bubble

Nursery playground