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Our learning this term

Spring Term 2019

Can Nursery Rhyme?


Project Launch

Mini Outcome 1: Grand Old Duke of York Rhyme

Mini Outcome 2: Hickory, Dickory, Dock Rhyme

Mini Outcome 3: Humpty Dumpty Rhyme

Celebration of Learning: CD of Nursery Rhymes

Autumn Term 2018


Why should I help?

Project Launch - The Little Red Hen

Helping our new intake settle into Nursery.  Making new friends.


Mini Outcome 1 - Helping Hands Tree

Bronze Helpers


Mini Outcome 2 - Helping Hands Tree

Silver Helpers


Mini Outcome 3 - Helping Hands Tree

Gold Helpers


Celebration of Learning - Helpful Heroes ceremony

New beginnings, new friends and new experiences!

Our Celebration of Learning