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Our learning this term

Welcome back to the Spring Term 2019!


Can we tell you a story?


Project Launch: A Storyteller

Mini Outcome 1: Retell the Gingerbread Man (Talk 4 Writing)

Mini Outcome 2: Research and make a board game

Mini Outcome 3: Write/Talk instructions for the board game.

Celebration of Learning: Games afternoon

+ perform 'The Gingerbread man'


We welcomed a Storyteller into school to help us launch our new project "Can we tell you a story?" Hopefully the children are now inspired to read and tell lots of stories this term!

Autumn Term 2018


Why am I special?

The children have settled in well and they are making new friends.

Our Project Launch - Can we match the object to its owner?

Our Celebration of Learning - Sharing our special boxes with our families.