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Absence from School and Attendance

Absence due to Illness



Please report your child's absence from school before 9.25am:

  • If your child is too ill to attend the School, parents/carers should contact the School Office as soon as possible by telephone on 01472 879634.  The office is open from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm. Please give your child's name, class, the reason for the absence and how long you expect the absence to last. We ask that you contact us each day that your child is absent. If the answerphone is switched on please leave a message.
  • It is imperative that you are proactive and tell us your child is not attending school and keep us informed.  If you do not, we will ring you because, as part of our safeguarding duties, we need to make sure you have not sent your child to school and they have not arrived. We cannot assume a child is poorly because they have not arrived at school.  Parents' cooperation is vital here. We are looking after your children's safety.
  • The school nurse can be contacted for support on all health matters for children over the age of 4½ years via the office staff or Mrs Dunks (SENDCo)


Absence Other Than Illness During Term Time


The school is required to comply with the Government legislation relating to pupil absence i.e. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 and The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment)  Regulations 2013 (with effect from September 2013).

Term time holidays have been removed from the amended regulations. The amendments make clear that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.


All applications for leave of absence for any reason must be made in advance (at least 5 working days) by the parent to the Headteacher using the ‘Leave of Absence Request Form’ (attached). All requests for leave of absence will be treated on an individual case by case basis, complying with the legislation. For families with children who attend both Scartho Infants’ School and Scartho Junior Academy, the Headteachers will make a joint decision whether to authorise any leave of absence. The schools may also liaise with Tollbar Academy or other schools where siblings attend if appropriate.

No absence requests will be authorised for Year 2 children during May and June (due to statutory KS1 assessments and ongoing teacher assessments) or for Year 1 children during June (Phonics Screening Check).

If you do require a leave of absence form, please call into the school office. 



Every single day a child is absent from school equates to a day of lost learning. 


If your child's attendance becomes a concern, we will contact you and support you to improve it.  We also work closely with the Education Welfare Service who offer support and advice.


We recognise the importance of good attendance and celebrate with weekly 'Class of the Week' certificates.  At the end of each term, a 'Best Attendance of the Term' trophy is presented to the best attended class and those pupils achieving over 99% attendance receive a certificate. 





Every school day counts and the document below explains how many day's learning are missed in relation to a child's percentage attendance.

Autumn Term 2021

Class Attendance

Well done to 2CR who were the overall winners for

the Autumn Term attendance certificate with 97.08%.

Spring Term 2022


First weeks attendance certificate goes to 1LW.

Well done to 1LW, you had an overall attendance of 95.96%. 


Week 1 Class Attendance Award