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Humanities – History and Geography

Humanities projects, (History and Geography) are the drivers for our curriculum that are ‘Text Rich’: ensuring the importance of developing the key skill of reading across the curriculum and a life-long love of reading being central to all that we do.


Geography Intent Statement

Geography is about places, about people and about how people and places interact. At Scartho Infant School and Nursery, our ambition is for each and every child to develop a curiosity and fascination about the world around them that will remain with them throughout their lifetime. The curriculum progression provides a clear learning journey across the whole school and will expand outwards from our immediate locality (Scartho and Grimsby) to comparing and contrasting globally, promoting global citizenship. Geography is taught through projects that are inspiring and aim to develop children’s natural curiosity. We want our children to develop skills in recognising, describing, explaining, comparing and evaluating human and physical geographical elements with a high level of technical vocabulary being accurately used and applied. Children will learn to explore the world through field studies and visits, as well as by using maps, photographs, books and other sources. They will acquire a range of geographical skills and knowledge that will make them curious and excited to extend their understanding. Every child has the opportunity to explore, observe, and find out about people, places, natural and human physical factors, equipping them with the skills necessary to be a geographer.