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Sports Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

PE and Sport Premium Funding.


The school receives a block sum of £8000 plus an amount per pupil.

Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery Sports premium Action Plan 2018-19


Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery

Academic Year


Total budget


an academic year


Date for review of this action plan


July 2020

Total number of pupils in school

193 (Sept 2019)

Number of pupils eligible for funding




Identified spending


Success Criteria


Measure of impact

Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 to receive quality first teaching from an external provider in each of the PE area of games, dance and gymnastics.


Build sustainability in P.E across the school.




  • Support staff expertise further developed in

    understanding of the expectations, skills and

    knowledge required in EYFS and KS1.

     Support staff to feedback on success and

    further development/improvements.

     Pupils to feedback confidently and about

    achievements in P.E.

     EYFS pupils (reception) to work on skills and

    knowledge successfully and meet the ELG for

    physical development.
















  • .


    TA feedback sheets and shared with PIVITOL lead too.


    Pupil Voice questionnaires


    End of year assessment show a high percentage of pupils working at age expectations and some, working above.

Provide lunch time activities, led by trained coaches, to enhance the provision already in place and provide the pupils with quality physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day.

The majority of pupils engaged at lunch time for at least 30 minutes in a planned physical activity.

Monitored timetable of activities and resources used to ensure pupil motivation, enjoyment and impact on physical development

Dinner supervisory staff to feedback on success and further development/improvements.

Through observations to see children are actively engaging with the lunch time activities.


Planned activities on rotational basis to ensure coverage of skills and uptake of activities.

Assessment package provided by Pivotal to allow for accurate assessments of sporting attainment to be generated and assessed by teachers

  • Online data summary available for each cohort termly.
  • A fully written report generated and sent home with the annual reports on sporting attainment and progress


  • Teachers can access PE data for each individual child and use these to report to parents. Parent s are aware of their child’s progress and attainment in PE when asked.

Provide opportunities for Y1 pupils to take part in competitions through sports festivals

  • Full participation at each event held
  • Pupils applying their skills from weekly sessions alongside other schools
  • Pupils working as a team




  • Through observation and assessment during festivals.

Continued training for PE/PSHE coordinator in Mental Health awareness.

Continued development of inclusion of Mental Health to be embedded across curriculum and school ethos to support health and well being of pupils.



Release time and further updating in training for PE/PSHE co-ordinator

Using allocated time slots Young Minds Matter Team to  provide assemblies/classwork with children to support wellbeing and provide strategies

Work shops/consultations for parents in identifying and supporting their child

Implementing 5 Pathways to Wellbeing as part of school ethos

Updated sign posting for support agencies e.g. Women’s Aid, Children’s Centre Family Hub, Safe Families for Children, Young Minds Matter


£1,500 for CPD/transport and release time to organise and manage key events for example, Fun Fitness week.


Outside visiting assembly £300 re: mental health


£200 resources to supplement learning

    • Attendance of PE/PSHE coordinator at Mental Health CPD through Young Minds Matter, LEA and National Conferences
    • PE/PSHE and Young Minds Matter school link staff meetings
    • Work shop for parents
    • Visible 5 Pathways to Wellbeing documentation produced
    • Resources/posters/parent information from Young Minds Matter Team


Audit to access damaged/ old equipment and to buy when needed for



PE Games Library


Purchase resources for Fun Fitness week – prizes/ certificates etc.


Coaches to support Fun Fitness activity week.


Release time for Sport/PE lead to attend meetings, organise events, research, create reports to share with staff and Governors

  • New equipment purchased and being used effectively in lessons and at lunch times
  • Coaches have had a positive impact during Fun Fitness week
  • Sport/PE lead has provided written reports to Governors on the effectiveness of our PE spends and the attainment and progress of pupils
  • Sport/PE lead continues to be pro-active in how money will be spent next academic year.

£770 and any additional costs



Pupil and Parent voice Timetabled involvement of coaches during Fun Fitness Week.

Sport/PE lead reports

Plans for next year’s spending is in place.


Although the premium is allocated per KS1 pupil, at Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery, we use the premium to provide sports coaches and activities to promote sport and healthy life styles for our youngest children in EYFS.









“The effective leadership in physical education has resulted in

positive outcomes for pupils, enabling them to take part in a

range of sports, and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Ofsted Report July 2018