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British Values

Our British Values Display

British Values (SMSC)


At Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery we promote British Values through the following provision.



We elect "Peer Supporters" from Year 2 

Pupils input each term’s projects to reflect their interests

We celebrate democracy through informed choices within the classroom

We celebrate the armed forces who act within the law to uphold democracy e.g Remembrance


Rule of Law

We have clear school rules

We have classroom rules set by the children

We operate a policy of choice with consequence, which teaches responsibility


Individual Liberty

We celebrate individual responsible choices in classrooms

We give children choices about lunch menus and after school clubs

Achievement assemblies celebrate academic and pastoral success in school and from home


Mutual Respect

We promote the ethos of mutual respect through our core values and principles

We encourage good manners and children are to treat others as they would wish to be treated

We support charity events relevant to our school community (Samaritan’s Purse, Jeans for Genes, Children in Need, Comic Relief, Womens Refuge, McMillan Cancer Support)

We encourage visitors to our school who can broaden the experiences for the children


Respect for other Faiths

We have a balanced approach to RE following the locally agreed syllabus

Children learn about faiths within that syllabus

We have assemblies that are broadly Christian and also discuss real life issues which the children experience

We celebrate other religions relevant inclusion in assemblies and class sharing of experiences.