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Visions and Values


Our Aims 

Here at Scartho Infants' School and Nursery, we strive to create a happy, safe and caring environment in which children can learn and grow, developing positive self-esteem and making the most of their abilities and talents.


The school enjoys strong links with the community it serves.   We hope that you and your child will have a happy and successful time with us and the school looks forward to working in partnership with you to achieve this.


Our Schools Ethos and Values


·         To create an interesting, purposeful and stimulating school environment where children feel happy, safe, valued and secure.



To facilitate exciting learning opportunities and foster independent thinkers.​
To have high expectations for all, where success is encouraged, rewarded and celebrated and where it is "safe" to make mistakes.


·         To develop a high standard in skills of literacy and numeracy and the ability to use such skills to communicate with others.

·         To encourage awareness of the scientific, social, historical and geographical aspects of the local environment and wider world, learning to use tools and equipment suited to such tasks.

·         To share the experience of creative expression in music, arts and crafts and literature and physical education.

·         To learn sensitivity to each other's needs, to be friendly, courteous and tolerant to others, and to understand the needs of the world outside the school.

·         To an inclusive school where each child has equality of opportunity and is treated fairly.

·         To encourage a working partnership between home, school and the wider community for the greater benefit of the children’s education.​

Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.