Scartho Infants'

School and Nursery

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Visions and Values

Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery

where we play, learn and grow together



Our Vision Statement


That our children reach their full potential in a safe, collaborative and challenging environment; where they are motivated and engaged in their learning, leading to high attainment and their own aspirational view of their future.


Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery is a safe, happy, welcoming school where we foster high expectations and aspirations through collaboration and friendship.  We aspire to engage and enrich all pupils, regardless of their starting points, through our exciting, engaging curriculum which challenges and motivates our children, exploring their passions and igniting new ones.  As a school we strive to develop confident, independent learners who have the skills to work collaboratively both at school and within the wider community and who are ready for the next step in their learning journey.


Our Principles of Learning


Children are at the centre of all that we do

Every child is unique and deserves quality learning experiences

We have high expectations for all

We believe in a curriculum that has relevance to the real world and where the outcomes are authentic

The power of collaboration is recognised and celebrated

It is safe to make mistakes

We value diversity and individuality

We never stop learning


SCARTHO Citizen Values


 I am...The cornerstones of being a SCARTHO Citizen are that:
Self-awareI recognise my strengths and weaknesses.
CaringI show kindness and concern for others.
ArticulateI am a good communicator.
RespectfulI care that what I say or do affects others.
ThoughtfulI think about and consider the people around me.
HonestI am truthful in what I say and do.
OrganisedI can sort my things so they can be found or used easily.