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Our learning - 2018-2019

Welcome back to our summer term!

'How does our garden grow?'


Project Launch - Clear Garden area and visit the Junior school garden

Mini Outcome - Make sensory garden (wind chimes, windmills, herbs)

Mini Outcome - Draw sunflowers in the style of Van Gogh.

Mini Outcome - Research and make environments/habitats for insects and animals.


Project Launch: We have started to clear our garden area. We made sure all of the weeds were taken out and we carefully removed bulbs and plants that we want to reuse!

We have had great fun so far this term in the garden...

Making bug homes

Our Celebration of Learning: The Garden Party for the Nursery children

Welcome back to the Spring Term 2019!


Can we tell you a story?


Project Launch: A Storyteller

Mini Outcome 1: Retell the Gingerbread Man (Talk 4 Writing)

Mini Outcome 2: Research and make a board game

Mini Outcome 3: Write/Talk instructions for the board game.

Celebration of Learning: Games afternoon

+ perform 'The Gingerbread man'


We welcomed a Storyteller into school to help us launch our new project "Can we tell you a story?" Hopefully the children are now inspired to read and tell lots of stories this term!

Our Celebration of Learning


The children enjoyed playing their board games with their Year 3 buddies from the Junior School.   

Our Celebration of Learning

Autumn Term 2018


Why am I special?

The children have settled in well and they are making new friends.

Our Project Launch - Can we match the object to its owner?

Our Celebration of Learning - Sharing our special boxes with our families.