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Ofsted Reports

Please find below a link to the full version of our most recent Ofsted report.


Our strengths, and areas for development which are being addressed in our Schools' Rapid Improvement Plan, can be seen below.


Ofsted stated the school has the following strengths:


  • The headteacher and senior leaders know the strengths and weaknesses of the school well. Their efforts have helped to secure some improvements in raising standards in phonics.

  • Teachers’ morale is high. They enjoy working at the school and are stepping up to the challenge to improve the school.

  • The effective leadership in physical education has resulted in positive outcomes for pupils, enabling them to take part in a range of sports, and learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

  • Safeguarding is effective. Pupils feel happy and safe in school.

  • Disadvantaged pupils are currently making accelerated progress.


Ofsted stated the school needs to do the following to improve further:


  • Improve the effectiveness of leadership and management by ensuring that:

– governors have the information that they need to hold leaders to account for the progress pupils make.

– all leaders, but particularly middle leaders, have the knowledge and skills that they need to improve their areas of responsibility quickly and effectively to secure good outcomes for all pupils in all subjects.

– further develop partnerships with parents and carers so that the proportion of pupils who are absent from school reduces to at least average.


  • Continue to improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, particularly in reading, writing and mathematics, so that more pupils make consistently good progress and reach higher standards by:

– providing work that challenges all pupils appropriately, particularly the most able, who are capable of achieving more.

– providing more opportunities for pupils to use their reasoning skills and explain their chosen methods in mathematics.

– ensuring that all pupils, particularly lower-ability pupils, apply their learning in phonics more confidently and accurately, not only in reading and writing, but in their work in other subjects.


  • Improve children’s experiences across the early years so that they lead to at least good outcomes by:

– improving the assessment of children’s skills when they start the school, so that there is an accurate understanding of what children can do and that this ensures a more accurate measure is used to track their progress across Nursery and Reception.

– providing a greater level of challenge so that more children, particularly the most able, make good progress.


  • An external review of governance should be undertaken in order to assess how this aspect of leadership and management may be improved.

Ofsted Report July 2018