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Personal Development

At Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery, we aim to build self aware, caring, articulate, respectful thoughtful, honest and organised children. 

Why the SCARTHO citizen? 

As a school, we asked staff what important qualities we want to ensure are developed in all our pupils when leaving us, so that they go on to play an active and successful role in society and have happy fulfilled lives. This is how ‘SCARTHO’ citizen approach was developed, as each of the letters embody a characteristic we want to consciously focus on and develop in our pupils across the school.


Self Aware Citizen 


Caring Citizen 


Articulate Citizen


Respectful Citizen 


Thoughtful Citizen


Honest Citizen 


Organised Citizen 

Here are some examples of Being a SCARTHO citizen -Thoughtful


Each class have made a recipe if thoughtfulness was a cake.

Classes RJH & RJP

Children in RJH reading The Smartest Giant in Town

Class 1LW

Class 1SD

Class 2SF