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The Teaching of Reading and Phonics

At Scartho Infants’ School and Nursery phonics teaching provides the basis for reading skills and we use the Rigby publishers and Pearsons "Bug Club"to provide the material for teaching your child to read throughout the school.  Parents are given information through the parent meeting when their child is in reception which explains how to help your child with reading. The Home/School Reading Record (blue book) is a record of reading and parents are requested to make a comment each time they hear their child read. This provides a useful route for liaison and communication on reading matters.


We currently use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as our phonics scheme. Teachers and children often use supporting resources from ‘Phonics Play’.


For more information on 'Letters and Sounds' please click link below.


For more information on the correct pronunciation of the phonic code, please click on the link below.


Points to Remember

  • We usually hear all children read twice weekly individually and through guided reading opportunities.   As the levels progress there is more text, so the book takes longer to read and the activity then includes more comprehension skills.
  • Try hard not to make reading a 'competition' between family or friends - this can really lower a child’s self-esteem and confidence with reading.
  • Children learn to read at their own rate.   Sometimes they reach a plateau when their reading hardly appears to progress at all, and then it suddenly may begin to improve again - this is quite normal.
  • It is also very common for children to reverse e.g. a word like was and read it as saw, and to not distinguish between b, d, p.
  • Children will find long words like “elephant” and “aeroplane” easier to read than a short word like “as” or “do”.
  • Children won't always be able to recognise reading book vocabulary in other contexts at first - be patient!
  • At Scartho Infants' we read print but our hand-writing is joined as soon as we are able.