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Year 1


Louise French and Abi Gibbon are the class teachers and Jenn Gibbs, Rachel Finch, Amanda Brentnall, Claire Canon and Kelly Ames are the teaching assistants.  


  • PE is on Monday - Children are to come to school in their PE uniform on PE days - please make sure all earrings are removed in the morning, especially if your child is unable to remove them for themselves. 

  • Reading Books - Please bring your reading book to school each day and put it in the classroom boxes.
  • Water bottles - We encourage the children to bring in a bottle of water (not juice or flavoured water) and drink regularly throughout the day. 
  • Labelled belongings - Please make sure ALL items of clothing, bags, etc are all labelled.  You will be surprised at just how many unlabelled items of clothing go unclaimed each term.
  • Shoes - May we kindly request that any children unable to tie their own shoe laces yet are sent to school with shoes that have Velcro straps?


Home Learning - Pick 'n' Mix

Our learning for Term 1 -


We were shocked to find 3 porridge bowls (one eaten), 3 chairs (one knocked over) and a bed (slept in) outside of our classrooms.  We used our skill of 'inference' to deduct that these items must have belonged to the three bears and that Goldilocks must have visited. 


When we returned to the classroom, we found a book covered in post-it notes.  As we revealed the different parts of the book, we 'inferred' as we went, using the clues to make a sesnsible guess (prediction) about what the book would be.  We are very excited that our first book this year is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Our first unit in Year 1 is 'Place Value'.  We have started by sorting objects by size, shape, colour and type.


Our first project this term is a geography project called, 'Marvellous Maps'.  We are Geographers and have explored lots of different types of maps.  We already know that maps help us find places, show us which direction to travel, help us to explore and may even help us to find treasure!  We would like to know what all of the things on a map mean and how to make a map.  We are hoping to find this out this term.