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Keeping Safe in the School Grounds

Keeping Safe in the School Grounds


The school site is shared between ourselves and Scartho Junior Academy with agreed protocols for the use of the site.

Would parents please make sure anyone bringing or collecting their child is made fully aware of these health and safety requirements.


Below is a designated route for all parents and children to use when entering and leaving the school.   No other routes are safe. The gates at the Pagehall Close entrance to the school site and adjacent to the school playground are locked promptly at 9.15 am and unlocked at approximately 3.15 pm.


Please note that during the Covid -19 pandemic we are operating a one way system on the school grounds.  Please refer to the Parent/Carer code of conduct and the signage around the school.



We do ask the children to keep to the paths and not to use the road when walking round the school and we would appreciate parents setting a good example to the children by doing likewise.  As a safety precaution, parents are requested not to block pathways with bicycles and pushchairs, etc.  Please supervise your child and any pre-school children as you arrive at and leave the school. Bicycles and scooters must be wheeled while in the school grounds.


It is an offence under the Miscellaneous Provisions Act of 1982 to cause a nuisance on educational premises, including the grounds.  The signs at both entrances to the site clearly state, no thoroughfare i.e. the school grounds are not to be used as a short cut between parts of Scartho, and no dogs.  In the interest of the safety of all those who work and learn in our school environment we insist that these safety measures are followed by all parents, pupils, visitors, and the community in general.  Non-compliance with those safety measures will be dealt with by staff, the Head Teacher, the Governors and the L.A., as appropriate.


The rear entrance from Pagehall Close can be very wet in extreme conditions and we apologise for this but it is a public right of way and as such is not part of the school grounds. NELC do not own the land but do maintain it and any serious problems should be reported to them.




Please park vehicles away from the school entrances and never on the double yellow lines or on the zigzags.  The traffic orders at the Edge Avenue entrance allow fixed penalty fines to be issued to owners of vehicles who disregard this traffic regulation, including taxis. The school or parents can report vehicles parking illegally to the NELC traffic Enforcement Team at A zero tolerance approach is applied resulting in a fixed penalty being issued by attending enforcement officers.







Parents/carers, family & friends (including taxis) may not drive in to the school grounds or have access to the staff car park at the beginning or end of a school session.


The only exceptions are:

  • when collecting a sick child;
  • bringing or collecting a disabled child (permanent or temporary disability);
  • an emergency (by arrangement with the Head Teacher).


No Smoking/Vaping Policy


Our School and grounds have been for many years now, designated completely no-smoking in respect of the health of our families, staff and visitors. This exceeds the legislation introduced in July 2007 and is in line with NELC policy. Parents/carers and visitors are therefore requested to set a good example and must refrain from smoking/vaping while on the school site.