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Our learning 2018-2019

Summer Term 2019


What puts the 'great' in Grimsby?


Project Launch: Felt fish sewing Workshop

Mini Outcome: Art - Draw a fish

Mini Outcome: Art - Clay tile

Mini Outcome: Writing - Information leaflet/tourist guide

Celebration of Learning: Exhibition of 'What puts the 'great' in Grimsby?'

Our Project Launch


As part of our project launch, ‘What puts the ‘Great’ in Grimsby?’ we had a fish tasting session. The children were very adventurous and as well as eating a fish finger, some of them tried prawns and mussels. 

As part of our project ‘What puts the ‘Great’ in Grimsby?’ we visited the Fishing Heritage Centre. We had a fantastic day learning about the importance of the fishing industry in Grimsby and what life would have been like 60 years ago. We got to try on the clothes that the trawler men would have worn on the fishing boats and learnt how to make a fishing net.

Our celebration of learning this term was an exhibition of our work in Scartho Library. We asked the community ‘What puts the ‘Great’ in Grimsby?’ and got some great responses. We went down to the library ourselves and admired our hard work!

Spring Term 2019


Roll up, Roll up! What does it take to be part of the circus?


Project Launch: Circus Workshop

Mini Outcome 1: Learn and perform a circus talent

Mini Outcome 2: Poster - advertising the show

Mini Outcome 3: Animal masks

Celebration of Learning:  Circus - The Greatest Show



To launch this term's project, Earthbound Misfits came and did a workshop for us to teach us different circus skills.  We will now be practising these for our Greatest Show on Wednesday 20th March at 9:30.  Let's get practising!

We had a special RE day looking at the traditions and celebrations of Hinduism. As part of this, the children dressed up in Indian clothes and learnt different dance moves that Hindus would use in their religious celebrations. Ask your child to see which moves they remember!

Class 3 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up in their pyjamas and sharing their favourite book with a friend.

In RE, Class 3 enjoyed a workshop all about Easter. We learnt a lot about what Christians believe happened at Easter and why it is an important celebration for them. We made some different crafts to help us remember.

Celebration of Learning

We worked hard at practising our circus skills all term, to perform in our Celebration of Learning. Here we are just before we perform to our audience.

Autumn Term 2018


Where in the world is Paddington Bear?

Our Project Launch


As part of our Launch Day for our topic ‘Where in  the World is Paddington Bear?’ the children dressed up as someone from a different country. Don’t they look fabulous! 


We made healthy sandwiches and wrote a farewell card to Paddington. We said our goodbyes with a tea party and waved goodbye to Paddington as he set off in a taxi to go on his travels. We are hoping that he will send us a postcard soon!

The Humber Bridge


We have been finding out about the Humber Bridge.  The children have been making models using different construction materials.  Please ask your child which facts they remember about the Humber Bridge.

As part of our project 'Where in the World is Paddington Bear?' we have set up a Travel Agents in our Shared Area.  The children have been busy role playing being either a travel agent or a customer booking a holiday.

Remembrance Workshop

As part of our Remembrance of 100 years since the end of World War 1.  Class 3 made recycled poppy paper.  Ask your child the process we followed.  All the children did brilliantly at taking turns and following instructions.  The finished results were amazing!

Our Celebration of Learning

We have reached the end of our project ‘Where in the World is Paddington?’ Class 3 held a Celebration of Learning to show off our pen drawings and writing of the Eiffel Tower. We have drafted and redrafted and critiqued our own work until we were happy with our final piece of work. We enjoyed sharing our work with our parents and grandparents.

Class 3 have been finding out about the very first Christmas. In our Christmas workshop we have been making baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, angels and shepherds. Check out our finished crafts!