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What are we learning?

Maths - we have begun our Numicon journey in maths to help us count and order numbers to 10. Numicon also helps us to understand the composition of each number!

Writing - we have been learning how to say our sounds and practice our letter formation rhymes with Fred the Frog!


Maths - sorting, pairing and pattern making!

In maths we looks closely at grouping items together that looked the same! We started by pairing socks and then we grouped our fruit pieces based on colour and fruit name. After this, we looked and how we could use our fruit to make repeating patterns.

English - becoming the characters of 'The Little Red Hen.'

P.E. - Parachute games!

Let's Explore - A dingle dangle scarecrow, with a flippy floppy hat!

Let's Explore - Scarecrow building!