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School Admissions

The school admits children in accordance with the Local Authority’s admissions policy, where pupils start in the Reception class at the beginning of the school year of their fifth birthday.


In the December, preceding the school year when a child becomes 5 years of age, parents select a school for their child to attend by completing the first admission to primary school documentation.  This is available from the school of their choice, the pre-school setting or the Local Authority including on-line, following notification in the local press.  After the closing date the L.A. will process all the applications and allocate places for the next school year. If the number of requests is equal to or less than the yearly admission limit of 60 for this school, then every request is allocated a place.  If the number of applications exceeds 60, then the L.A. will allocate places as in accordance with NELC’s Your New Primary School – A Guide for Parents:


1) Looked after children – children in public care.

2) Children who have statement of S.E.N.D. where the school is named in part IV of the statement.

3) Living in the catchment area.

4) Having brothers or sisters who are already at the school when your child is due to start there.

5) The last factor is geographical. We will give priority to those living nearest to the school unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Places allocated by the L.A. are confirmed by letter/email to the parent and the school is informed. Unsuccessful applicants may wish to exercise their right of appeal to the L.A. to be put on a waiting list pending a place becoming available.  Priority is always given to those who have actually applied for a place in a school over those who fulfill any of the criteria but who have not actually made an application.


For any parent requesting a place after the closing date, allocation is dependent upon availability, regardless of whether the child lives in the catchment area or elsewhere.


Details of our policy can be found under 'Policies' on the website and NELC's Admission Policy can be found on the local authority website.

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